House of Green Dragons by Barbara Whitehead (book cover)

House of Green Dragons (Methuen 1982)

Barbara Whitehead published House of Green Dragons under the pen-name of Rosa Hill.

Rebecca Redfearn of the village of Cross in Lincolnshire - this was the person Becky had always thought herself to be. But on his deathbed, the man who had always been a father to her at the last revealed the secret from which he and her mother - now dead too - had shielded Rebecca for the tranquil twenty-two years of her life. She was the daughter of another main, a mysterious stranger living in a remote part of Yorkshire.

With both her parents dead, Becky realizes her ties with Cross have all dissolved. She has no roots, family or past. In despair at the denial of everything she has held dear; she packs her belongings, buys a ticket for a journey on the railway and departs for Yorkshire, in search of her identity and some semblance of the family life - and love - now lost to her.

But her arrival at her real father's home is not an occasion of rejoicing. The house of green dragons is a dark, unhappy place where Rebecca is to experience rejection and the bitterest self denial before her quest for sanctuary and the cherishing joy of love is over.

Whitehead's sensitive and charming Victorian period romance moves from rugged Yorkshire to the luxuriant islands of the South Pacific, in a moving narrative which is romantic fiction at its most skillful.