Playing God by Barbara Whitehead (book cover)

Playing God (Quartet Qrime 1988)

British Telecom engineer Tom Churchyard is modestly pleased to have been given the role of God in this year's performance of the world-famous York mystery plays; but then the directory, Bruce Exelby, takes a controversial decision and casts a notorious pop idol as Christ - a move which arouses outrage both among the cast and in the town. A series of potentially dangerous accidents during the rehearsals culminates in the murder of the director, with suspicion falling on the members of the cast.

Gradually Tom realises that he holds an important clue to the mystery and that from it he can work out the murderer's identity. But can he play God with another's life? Playing God is an interesting murder story with an unusual and intriguing background. The author is not only intimately acquainted with York, but also has a detailed and deep knowledge of the cycle of medieval mystery plays.