Shadows End (book cover)

Shadows End (William Kimber 1984)

All of Whitehead's mastery of intrigue, imagination and descriptive detail is brought to bear in this tour-de-force. Shadows end creates a living link between the sixteenth century and the twentieth century.

It was just an ordinary picture - of a sixteenth century woman wearing a white coif over her hair, a neat white ruff and a black dress. Yet for Elizabeth Bowe, a 26-year-old girl with her feet planted firmly in the twentieth century it was the harbinger of a supernatural event that seemed inexorably imposed upon her by fate. For it was more than just a portrait - it was herself.

In this superbly told story, Barbara Whitehead creates a delicate web of the forces of the past reaching out to enmesh the present.

This is an interesting precursor to the first of her crime novels Playing God.