The Killings at Barley Hall (cover)The Killings at Barley Hall (Constable 1995)

PC Clark knew that the man was dead, even before he noticed the red marks on the palm of the left hand; pressure marks, perhaps , as though the hand had been clutching something firmly and it had dug into the skin.

The murder victim was George Fellowes, a young archaeologist working on the site of Barley Hall, the medieval mansion under reconstruction in the centre of the ancient city of York.

Was he pushed from the scaffolding by a violent colleague? And what was the significance of the marks on the dead man's hand?

The emergence of a hidden reliquary of immense value and the discovery of a previous murder at the great Hall in the time of Richard III became the salient factors in a murder hunt which was to reveal undisclosed depths of greed and betrayal spanning centuries.

Blending, with superb assurance a knowledge and sense of history with a storytellers command of a modern CID investigation, Barbara Whitehead has given her many admirers a fifth classic whodunit in her York Cycle of Mysteries.

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